December 2, 2012

Resident Evil 0

On July 23, 1998, special police STARS Bravo team is sent to investigate a series of grisly murders in the Arklay Mountains region outside of Raccoon City. On the way to the scene, the team's helicopter is sabotaged and crash lands in the forest. The team discovers an overturned military police transport truck and the mutilated corpses of two officers. After the team splits up, field medic Rebecca Chambers finds a zombie-infested train stopped in the middle of the forest. After a little exploration, she teams up with former U.S. Marine Billy Coen, a man the military police were escorting to his execution, and the two explore the remaining train compartments, combating zombies, swarms of strange leeches and a mutated scorpion. As the train begins speeding out of control towards a cliff, the two manage to apply the brakes and divert its course towards an abandoned research and training center.

Release Year: 2002
Game Genre: Action Adventure / Survival Horror
Film Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
Film Rating: R
Created By: Salastar Productions



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